As one of the top rices in the world in recent years, ST25 rice has been the pride of Vietnam. As a result, this kind of rice is consumed everyday and exported to several significant global markets. Viet Agri Wholesale is a suppliers brings this one of the most famous Vietnam agricultural products to customers.

  1. The price of ST25 Vietnam agricultural products Viet Agri Wholesale offers 

Viet Agri Wholesale usually sells Vietnam agricultural products at reasonable prices and so is the price of ST25.

  • According to data from the first five months of 2022, a high export demand and insufficient supply caused the price of ST25 rice to rise to $1064/ton. 
  • Vietnamese rice’s main entry point into the high-end global market segment will be ST25 rice.

The price of good quality Vietnam agricultural products Viet Agri Wholesale is commensurate with the quality you receive. All of our products meet export rice standards and food safety standards. The steps of rice production are also strictly monitored and monitored by experts.

The price of ST25
  1. Features of ST25 from Viet Agri Wholesale 

In the present wholesale rice market, ST25 is a premium kind of rice in particular and Vietnam agricultural products in general.

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1.1 Basic information of ST25

This is some basic information about ST25 Rice you should know. 

Basic information about ST25
  • The ST25 rice is a member of the ST fragrant rice line, which was created and enhanced over the course of 20 years by engineer Ho Quang Cua (Ho Quang Tri DNTN, Soc Trang). This rice type is mostly farmed in the province of Soc Trang.
  • Long grain rice and a transparent, as opposed to a white, belly are characteristics. It is simple to detect the distinctive scent of young nuggets and pandan leaves in ST25 rice grains even when they are still living.
  • When rice is cooked, it becomes pliable, aromatic, and especially deliciously sweet. Rice is flexible and has a pleasant aroma even when cooked with minimal water.

1.2 Standard of exported ST25 Rice 

At the World’s Best Rice Competition, held by The Rice Trader in Manila, Philippines, Vietnam’s ST25 rice won the top prize after defeating Thai and Cambodian rice. As a result, Vietnam’s ST25 rice is now in a stronger position globally and is now exportable.

Broken5.0% Max
Moisture14.5% Max
Foreign Matters0.2% Max
Red & Red Streaked Kernels0.5% Max
Yellow Kernels0.5% Max
Damaged Kernels0.5% Max
Chalky Kernels 6.0% Max
Paddy10 grains/kg Max
Milling DegreesWell Milled & Double Polished
Average Length of Whole Grain7.5 – 8.5  mm

The exceptional qualities of ST25 rice have led to its widespread recognition and importation by several nations throughout the world. Fastidious markets including the US, UK, Australia, Japan, and Korea import ST25 rice. The ST25 rice sold on guarantees the highest quality and quantity to clients.

  1. The way you can order ST25 Vietnam agricultural products of Viet Agri Wholesale

Viet Agri Wholesale’s purchasing process for Vietnam agricultural products is quite simple. However, if anything is unclear, the information below may be of assistance.

The way you can order ST25 from Viet Agri Wholesale

3.1 How to purchase agricultural products from Vietnam

When placing orders, wholesalers must take certain things into consideration. 

  • We will provide several product samples so that you may evaluate the quality of the product before the firm sends you the entire order package. If they are realistic, we will satisfy all of your demands for product kinds and quantities.
  • Only orders totaling at least a tonne will be accepted by us. If you place an order for less than that, we are unable to fulfill it for you. 
  • All necessary paperwork, including the firm operating license and quality control documentation, is given to you. In order to ensure that there are no errors at all, we also show you the bill for your order.
  • You will determine whether or not you still want to order after inspecting sample items. You are responsible for paying the entire order if you authorize it.
  • All items will be packaged and shipped to you by Viet Agri Wholesale. The business makes an effort to guarantee that the goods will be undamaged when they reach you.

3.2 How to pay after placing an order

We divide the payment terms into two categories: the first is for orders under $20,000 USD, and the second is for orders over $20,000 USD. 

  • When a purchase totals less than $20,000 USD, there are a few payment methods that might be helpful, including wire transfers, PayPal, and third parties.
  • How to make payments after purchasing goods from Viet Agri Wholesale
  • After placing an order for Vietnamese agricultural products, you may transmit money through Western Union or MoneyGram. Two firms will help you transfer money no matter where you are.
  • You must give them information such names, passport numbers, email addresses, and bank account numbers. making a notation that the transaction must be completed with payment of the remittance fee
  • You might also transfer money using Paypal as an alternative. Online payments may be made with ease without visiting a bank. Paypal also takes debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts.
  • You could try sending money through a third party if the first two methods don’t work. You may pay through friends or partners, but Viet Agri Wholesale must confirm their identities to ensure they abide by basic rules.

To avoid being scammed when ordering from overseas, research the company’s reputation, use secure payment methods, be wary of red flags (e.g. too good to be true prices), verify the company’s contact information, be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, and know your rights. Before you place an order, you can learn more about wholesale rice through this article to have the best decision. After that, you can contact Viet Agri Wholesale for more advice through 

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